We strive to be a part of the communities that we serve

At M.C. Mobility, we don’t just want to be present in the community – we want to be an asset to the communities that we serve. This page is comprised of different ways that you can get involved in your community, support groups for people with disabilities, and events, which we are proud supporters. You can also check out our blog for the latest M.C. news and community stories.

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Ready to hit the road?

Here are some helpful tools for those seeking to get on the road in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Learn more about these products as you prepare to purchase your own accessibility and mobility equipment.

Support Groups

If you've ever felt alone in your circumstances, this is the place for you. Come meet with other individuals who can relate and support your in your disability.

Sports Teams and Leagues

We love to support sports teams in the area. Get out and play, try something new, or pick a team to support in your community.


We partner with the leaders in automotive and mobility solutions industries. Over the years, we have partnered with various businesses and organizations which align with our companies values. We are happy to be in partnership with these great enterprises.

Community Organizations

There are many groups in the community that provide support and resources for the disabled community. We encourage you to learn more about each and get involved.

Housing & Assisted Living

Many organizations are committed to providing housing and assisted living for yourself or loved ones with disabilities. The organizations below are dedicated to providing a solution for your unique situation.


Enhance you or a loved one's life through rehabilitation. The organizations below will help you regain your mobility through physical therapy.

Child/Young Adult Development

The organizations below work to even the playing field for children and young adults with disabilities. With these local groups, transitional learning is shaped to each individual's special needs.

Educational Resources

Below are some useful resources for our customers, partners and other interested individuals about disability, mobility, accessibility and maintaining your independence.