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Tools for Buying Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles & Mobility Equipment

Mobility Tools for Finding a Wheelchair Accessible Van or Adaptive EquipmentMC Mobility offers many tools on our website to help you find mobility vans and other accessibility equipment.  Here are just a few ways that our mobility website can help you find the adapted vehicles or adapted equipment that you are looking for:

1. “I Don’t Even Know Where to Begin” – Use our Mobility Solution Finder

If you are not sure what type of adaptive equipment will meet your individual needs as a person with a disability or the caregiver of a wheelchair or scooter user, we recommend that you begin by using our Mobility Solution Finder.  Simply answer a few multiple choice questions and we’ll make recommendations for all the mobility products and handicapped van conversions that will meet your specific requirements.

Mobility Solution Finder

2. “I am not interested in handicapped vans, but I am looking for other disability aids”  – Browse our Mobility Product Catalog

Our mobility product catalog contains a range of products from vertical platform lifts to pedal extenders to Bruno TAS seats.  Simply select the category of product you are interested in, or search by keyword or manufacturer (Braun, Bruno, VMI, etc.)

3. “I am interested in adapted vehicles, but I’m not sure what kind I want to buy” – Browse our New and Used Wheelchair Vans Inventory

MC Mobility’s van inventory gives you all the new and used wheelchair vans we currently have at our locations.  We offer Braun Entervans, VMI Northstar Conversion vans, and Viewpoint Vision Rear Entry Vans to name just a few.  If you don’t see the type of wheelchair van or color that you are looking for, call one of our mobility specialists and we’ll order one to your specifications.

4. “I know exactly what I’m looking for and just need a quote” – Fill out our Help Finding A Van form

Answer specific questions about make, model, and price range, and we’ll have a QAP certified mobility specialist contact you with availability of the exact wheelchair van you are looking for.

5. “I know the wheelchair van I want to buy, but I need help finding out how much I’ll have to pay and whether or not I can get mobility funding or mobility financing” – Use our disability van Payment Estimator and fill out our Secure Mobility Financing Application

secure wheelchair van financing applicationOur wheelchair van Payment Estimator will let you easily calculate how much your monthly payment would be for one of our mobility vehicles based on what you have to spend, or you can calculate how much you will have to spend based on what you are able to pay monthly.  You can also use our Secure Mobility Financing Application to apply for a mobility loan online.  We will process your request and follow up as soon as we can.

These are just a few of the tools that are available on our website.  We will be highlighting additional features of the website in the coming weeks.  What tools would be useful to you?  How can we better answer your questions about mobility products and wheelchair accessible vans?