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Meet Zach Anner: The Next Oprah Show About Disabled Travel

Zach Anner competing for his own show about Disabled TravelWell, he hasn’t won yet.  But with 2.6 million votes in the Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star Contest Zach Anner is likely unbeatable at this point.  The contest asks contestants to share their passion with the world for a chance to get their own show on Oprah’s new network.  Hilarious wheelchair user Anner, pitches his idea for a show where he will travel to inaccessible locations around the world and prove that no obstacle is too big, no mountain is too high, and, as he puts it, “no Atlantis is too under water or fictional”!

Anner, who has Cerebral Palsy, which he refers to as “the sexiest of the palsies”, went into the weekend with a couple of thousand votes.  His hysterical and touching video entry quickly went viral over the weekend, with people reposting on  Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Reddit.  Watch his entry here:

Even better, Anner was out of town while his video was gaining so much traction so he had no idea he was gaining millions of votes.  His brothers did though, and video taped his reaction to finding out his dream of a show about accessible travel was actually within reach:

We can’t wait to see more from Zach and have him show the world that “handicapped travel” is possible and that people with disabilities can overcome any obstacle to live their dreams!  Do you think Zach is as inspirational as we do?  Would you watch his show about disability travel?  Please go here to vote for him, and leave us a comment below to show your support for this amazing young man!

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