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LDN Research Trust Lambs Become Part of M.C. Mobility Family

At M.C. Mobility Systems, we care about the issues that are important to our customers. This includes research and clinical trials for medicines that can help their condition. We became aware of the LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) Research Trust through our Facebook page. The LDN Research Trust is raising awareness of LDN Research which is a drug that helps regulate a dysfunctional immune system in autoimmune diseases such as Cancers, HIV/Aids, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Crohn’s etc. One of their fundraisers is the sale of LDN Lambs which have now been sold all over the world.

M.C. Mobility Systems purchased six of the adorable little lambs and sent them to our stores to become mascots for LDN Research awareness. One is currently living in our Marketing Office, our Corporate Offices in Mentor, OH, as well as stores in Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati. The lambs have fit right in at each store, answering telephones, fetching coffee, and greeting customers.

Each store named their lamb and gave them personality. The lambs even like to go on adventures! We hope you enjoy taking a peek into the life of an LDN Lamb at M.C. Mobility Systems!

Tyler — the Mentor Lamb

Upon arriving at our corporate headquarters in Mentor, Tyler got right down to business and headed straight for the wheelchair van service department.

Tyler beside mug

Tyler, who is very committed to improving efficiency in the shop, allowed us to take a snapshot of him posing in a Braun Entervan.Tyler the lamb in Entervan


Tyler is having a great time up in Mentor, home of President James Garfield. Word has it that he’s taken over the Accounting Office.

Fluffy — The Cincinnati Lamb

Manager Cassy Bell recounted Fluffy’s adventures at our Evendale store.

Fluffy at TimeclockFluff likes to play in the cars, sometimes he even drives. He greets our customers as they come in to the store and opens the door when they leave. What a special greeting too! Fluff like to help me and Beth with the files and jobs, he even makes copies for Beth. Sometimes he just likes to copy his butt though. That is how we knew he was a boy, because girls are more mature than that. In the morning Fluff makes the coffee and we know when he’s had too much because he has a hard time make it out of the cup. Fluff sure is silly. Fluff really like to keep Fluffy on deskme company in my office because he knows how stressed out I am. He helps me send out emails sometimes but it takes him a long time to type because he doesn’t have any fingers, so he is “in the weeds” just like me! One day he was asking us “who is my mom?” He looked all over the office, he found a painting of a water buffalo and thought for sure that was his mom, but sadly it isn’t. So we decided that he should go on another adventure and leave the store, so Fluff punched out, got some water and left the office.


We hope Fluffy found his mom! Hopefully he’ll make it back into the store so he can sell some wheelchair vans!

Colambus — The Columbus Lamb

Colambus got to the Columbus store and decided that crew was too much to handle and immediately went on vacation. He thoroughly enjoyed himself in Tennessee, though, and really isn’t that what matters?

Colambus discovered that he’s an avid tree-climber.

You can lead a lamb to the water, but he’ll really just sit on the sign by the visitors center.

It seems like Colambus is pretty outdoorsy. Hopefully when he gets back to Columbus he won’t hate being inside the store too much.

Wilbur O. — The Dayton Lamb

Wilbur O., who is Tyler’s twin brother, also got straight down to business upon his arrival at the Dayton store. He is John Butts official junior tech and will be helping out in the service department for awhile.

It seems like Wilbur is as high-flying as his namesake Wilbur Wright on this Bruno lift.

Wilbur seems to be an excellent junior tech. We’re confident he’s going to like it in the mobility industry.

Henry Clay — The Marketing Lamb
Henry Clay, the geekiest of the lambs, quickly acclimated to the marketing office by locating and positioning himself near the coffee pot. Henry Clay spends his days doing postcard mailings, working on the website, and fielding IT questions from the stores, such as “What is my e-mail address?” and “What does ‘browser’ mean?”

Henry Clay loves getting his daily dose of caffeine in the Marketing Office a.k.a. The Treehouse.

Henry Clay and coffee pot

Henry Clay absolutely loves doing mailings.  Here he is doing a postcard mailing to our opt-in mailing list spreading awareness of disability products and services and important causes such as LDN Research Trust!Henry Clay mailings

You can buy your own LDN Lamb and support the LDN Research Trust. Join the group on Facebook and post a picture with your lamb to get your location on the map! Be sure to follow LDN Research Trust on Twitter for updates about the lambs as well.

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