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The Great Durbinovich Teams With M.C. Mobility Marketing

We gave you a glimpse into the lives of our LDN Lambs which were purchased to help raise money for the LDN Research Trust. Each store along with the marketing department named their lamb and took pictures of them hard at work. But here at the Mobility Blog, we got a tip about a very special lamb.

So, without further adieu: the Adventures of The Great Durbinovich starring Linus Durbinovich as himself.

Linus tuxedo

Linus Durbinovich, world class adventurer, seeker of thrills, bon vie von, and all around “Good Guy” decides to join forces with the MC Mobility Systems outside Marketing Team to spread the word and make the world more accessible to those in need.

Linus inside package

Unable to gain official employment with MC due to his lack of a valid Social Security number, Linus cleverly mails himself to his target partner in marketing…

Linus escape

Not having taken into consideration the delay in the UPS Ground Service, and the ensuing weekend before delivery, Linus unwittingly endangers his very existence…

Linus escape 2

Linus grunting

At last the exhausted and oxygen deprived Linus, aka the Great Durbinovich , extricates himself from his self imposed imprisonment…

Linus rant

After having barely escaped being thrown out with the “junk” mail, Linus calms down and offers his services to the MC marketer, sometimes called McMarketeer. So as not to cause a scene McMarketeer suggests that Linus conceal himself in McMarketeer’s briefcase to begin there.


“Wait!” Linus exclaims…”don’t you think it would be a good idea to get rid of the evidence of my arrival before we go setting off on any Adventures?”

Linus trashcan

Linus briefcase Having disposed of the evidence of his arrival…without throwing up, Linus once again takes up a position of concealment in McMarketeer’s briefcase…

Linus dash

Upon making it to McMarketeer’s office on wheels, Linus takes his station on the dash and inspects everything within reach….

Linus Dash 2

McMarketeer and the Great Durbinovich set off on their adventures in mobility marketing, but they don’t get very far until Linus’s curiosity gets the best of him…

Linus Dash 3

“I wouldn’t mess around with that if I were you,” McMarketeer advises… ” I’d hate to see you fall from there…”

Linus Fall 1


Sheep Dip

Dunkin Linus

“You know your behind is going to be brown.” McMarketeer comments…being a master of the obvious. “Do you have any idea how you’re going to get the stain out?”

Linus Bubble bath

It looks like Linus had a full day at M.C. Mobility Systems. Check back for the continuing saga of The Great Durbinovitch.