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Former Marine Understands Disabled Veteran Tranportation Services

Disabled Veteran Transportation Services

M.C. Mobility Systems doesn’t just say thank you to our Nation’s Heroes…we give it.  Each and every day, M.C. Mobility System’s staff works diligently to provide the highest quality service to our men and women who have served this country proudly.  This is not just out of duty, but comes from a deep seeded corporate imperative that comes from having an owner who himself is a veteran.

“Every Veteran that serves has the honor of having a bond only veterans can feel speak about,” says Mark DiRosa, former Marine Sergeant and co-owner of M.C. Mobility Systems. “The bond between fellow Marines lasts your entire life time. The Marine Corp motto is Simper Fidelis  or in simple terms Always Faithful. Faithful to the Corp and Faithful to fellow Marines. If a fellow Marine is in need, we’re there to help. Being a veteran also brings a bond to other service members that have served their country as well. The feeling we all share is Duty, Honor, Country. Working with the local veterans hospital is our way of giving back to those who served before me and those who have served since I was discharged.”

If you are a paralyzed or otherwise disabled veteran in need of transportation services, such as wheelchair lifts for your vehicle, visit our veterans page to download a coupon for $250 off the purchase of any vehicle mounted wheelchair or scooter lift.  If you are only in need of temporary wheelchair transportation, Ability Van Rentals offers 10% of wheelchair van rental for paralyzed veterans.

We realize that there is no way for us to fully repay the debt that our Heroes have paid for our freedom.  Thank you, Veterans.  Today and everyday.

For more information about how you or a loved one who is a paralyzed veteran can regain the independence that you have fought proudly to protect, call us today at 1-800-503-0052.  Our mobility specialist will gladly assist you through the mobility buying process.  Our website offers a variety of tools to help you in your search for wheelchair accessible vans and mobility products to meet your needs for just about any situation.