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Turning Automotive Seating Means More Independent Years

As we and our loved ones age, we have to start looking for ways to maintain independence. Being able to travel and get around accomplishing daily life activities is a big part of independence. Often, simply being able to get in and out of a car independently can add years to personal mobility. Turning automotive seating (TAS) is a cost efficient solution to make entering and exiting a vehicle as easy as sitting down.

Turning automotive seats are available for a variety of applications, including compact situations, lower vehicles, and higher vehicles. The seats are available from Bruno and Braun Manufacturing and are made to fit almost any type of vehicle.

Bruno offers Turnout® Turning Automotive Seating™ TAS-2400/2400E for lower vehicles and Turny™/Turny™ Orbit® Turning Automotive Seating™ TAS-2560/2560E for higher vehicles. Bruno also offers the Compact Lift-Up® Seat Turning Automotive Seating TAS-5301 for specific vehicles. There are hundreds of vehicle-specific mounting kits for these special seats, making installation quick, easy, and safe. There is also often up to $1,000 in financial assistance available to install these products from Mobility Reimbursement Programs.

Braun Ability also offers a turning automotive seating solution, in the form of their Companion Seat. The companion seat offers many features, such as a 300 lb lifting capacity and 22 second cycle time. Braun Ability also offers a Three-Year Limited Warranty to ensure that this product can receive the highest quality maintenance and service available in the industry.

All of these products are available from M.C. Mobility Systems. To find a turning automotive seat that will meet your individual needs, we suggest using our Mobility Solution Finder. This will take you through a series of questions and produce a list of specific products in our catalog just for you. You may also set up an appointment with a mobility representative for a free product demonstration.