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M.C. Mobility Systems mentioned in Assistive Technology Article!

M.C. Mobility Systems recently had the honor of being mentioned in Kevin Leonard’s article “Game Changers for Living with Paralysis”. Kevin has been a C5-C6 quadriplegic for over 30 years, and wrote this article on seven things that have been game changers in his life. To read the entire article, please visit www.assistivetechservices.org.

5. Chrysler Town and County Touring Entervan by Braun

Chrysler Town Country Touring Braun Entervan Wheelchair VanThe next game changer I want to share information with you about is the Chrysler Town and Country Touring Entervan by Braun. I purchased this van at MC Mobility located at 214Valley St. here in Dayton (937-222-5001, mcmobilitysystems.com) I did an extensive search to find this vehicle as it was the only type that was going to meet my needs.

In my second “game changers” article I wrote about my Permobil Street wheelchair and the only down side to it was the fact that it sits higher than any wheelchair I have ever had. That is what led me to purchase the Entervan. Out of all of the minivans, this one was designed with the most headroom. I was having a difficult time getting in and out due to the headroom specifically the headroom going in and out of the door and this van solves that problem. With the reconstructed frame, it sits 16 inches lower and has a 56 1/2 inch door opening so I do not have to contort my head and neck to get in. It also makes for a better line of sight sitting in the area where the passenger seat would be.

The Braun Entervan has a power kneel system that allows the van to kneel 10 inches when you are getting in and out so that the slope of the ramp is not as steep getting in and out of the side entry. The van is not set up for me to drive so once I get in I drive into the area that used to have the passenger seat in it and my wheelchair will lock into place using the EZ Lock locking system. I have a button by my right elbow that I use to unlock my wheelchair to get out when the vehicle is off. You can also put a seat back in if you are not using a wheelchair.

Buying the van was a lot like buying the wheelchair. I had to find the one that fit me and suited my needs. In this particular case, I had to find the one that met the needs of the wheelchair I purchased. When my past Permobil Street wheelchair wore out I replaced it with what I thought was and what I was told was a newer version of the same chair. What they did not tell me was that because of the new electronics package on the chair they had to raise the seat height. So, I ended up having to buy a van that would work with my height in the new wheelchair.

I have had so many different kinds of vans over the year and I especially like the minivans for numerous reasons. They are inconspicuous, easier for people to drive, get better gas mileage and are easier with parking garages. The options are raise the roof or lower the floor and the raised roof vans get pushed around in the wind.

All of the things I have written about besides the wheelchair are things I use at home and work. There is nothing like getting out and seeing the world and for me the Braun Entervan modification makes it the easiest and most comfortable way to do it.

I would recommend that you work with a professional to make sure that you are getting all of the features that will make it easy and safe for you to enjoy.

Conversion Features

  • Power Kneel System
  • Power Sliding Door
  • Quick Release Seats
  • Keychain Remote
  • Wheelchair Securement Straps
  • EZ lock lockdown system
  • Power Folding Ramp
  • Side Entry
  • 56 1/2″ Door Opening
  • Cut Lowered Floor: Full

If you need professional help, like Kevin did, in finding the right equipment to meet you specific needs, please feel free to contact M.C. Mobility Systems at 1-800-503-0052, or setup an appointment with a mobility specialist. We’re here to get you there.