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Ohio ILC brings valuable services to people with disabilities

Western Reserve Independent Living Center


The following phrase is in bold letters on Western Reserve Independent Living Center’s homepage:

“The most valuable commodity of today’s society is information; to a person with a disability it is essential.”

This sentiment is the cornerstone of all the wonderful work done at the ILC operating out of the Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority Building at 4076 Youngstown Rd. in Warren, OH.

Independent Living Centers are typically non-residential, non-profit facilities that provide services and advocacy for people living with disabilities.  The goal is to empower people with disabilities to live the most independent and fulfilling life possible within their families and communities.

Western Reserve provides numerous services to their consumers, including:


Western Reserve provides self-advocacy, community advocacy, and systems advocacy on behalf of consumers with disabilities.

Game Day

This is one of Western Reserve Independent Living Center’s most popular programs. Once a month they offer this as a fun day out so consumers can socialize with others.

Independent Living Skills

This is a series of classes that teach the consumer skills to become more independent. These are offered every other month and are perfect for those who want to become more independent.

Artistic Expression

This is a newer program at WRILC, taught by one of their consumers that attended Pittsburgh Arts Institute.This is a great class for those who want to do creative projects, and, don’t worry, no artistic skill is required. This is offered every other month.

Food Distribution

This is offered twice a month to consumers. Western Reserve distributes food that had been generously donated. Each consumer receives a prepacked box of various food items.

Computer Classes

This is offered once a week to consumers. This is a great class for anyone from beginner to advanced computer user. Classes are even offered using the JAWS program to blind consumers.

Emergency Preparedness Classes

This is a seminar offered to teach about being prepared for an emergency.

Summer Picnic

Every summer Western Reserve has a picnic for all of their consumers. This is a very popular day where consumers with disabilities gather and enjoy the day.

Holiday Party

Every December the facility hosts a holiday gathering, much like their summer picnic. All of their consumers are invited to come and have a nice celebration for the upcoming holiday season.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the services offered by Western Reserve Independent Living Center, the facility may be contacted at 330-372-3325 or via their online contact form. To make a donation to this fantastic organization, contact the facility directly.

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