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Dispelling Myths about Buying a Wheelchair Van: Video

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With the advent of social media, consumers, more than ever before, are driving companies to be more transparent, informative, and engaged.  The mobility industry is no different, but some companies are simply doing a better job than others.

The fact of the matter is there are some companies that sell wheelchair accessible vans that are putting out misinformation.  While it would be nice to think that this is because they do not know any better, M.C. Mobility Systems and other QAP Certified BraunAbility dealers know that part of the reason this inaccurate information is propagated is to keep disabled consumers in the dark and perpetuate the myth that they do not have choices.

If you’re not selling a quality product, it’s easier to start selling fear instead.

M.C. Mobility Systems thrives on bringing our customers choices and getting each individual into the *right* wheelchair van, even if that van is not the most profitable for us to sell.  We do this, because our “customers” also happen to be our friends and family members in a lot of cases.  But more importantly, because we have our eye on the future.  The only way for the mobility industry to thrive and continue to innovate and bring new and exciting products that will enhance disabled consumers lives is to establish lifelong relationships with the real people that make that possible: you the buyer.

We want to lay it on the line.  The real story behind these amazing machines that renew independence, open doors to opportunities, and give families their normal lives back.  Our manufacturer, BraunAbility, has put together an amazing series of videos that show EVERYTHING about our vans down to some pretty technical details.  These videos are an educational tool that puts the buying power right back where it belongs: with you.  By enabling you to compare the differences in various types of wheelchair vans, you will be better equipped to recognize the scammers when you encounter them and make a more informed decision that will impact you for many years.


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