Organization Helps ALS Patients in Ohio find Mobility Resources

ALS Association of Central and Southern Ohio Logo

The ALS Association of Central and Southern Ohio was founded in 1984 to help people suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and their caregivers. The organization has a four-pronged approach:

  1. Research – providing support and monetary resources to help find a cure and treatments for Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  2. Advocacy – providing legal and advocacy support at the state and federal levels to promote funding and legislation that will help find a cure
  3. Patient and Community Services – providing resources, referrals, and support to people with ALS in Ohio
  4. Public Awareness and Education – increasing public knowledge of this disease and what we can all do to help

For M.C. Mobility’s customers with ALS, the organization is an invaluable asset for support and community resources.  Among these resources are their mobility equipment loan program and ALS Support Groups in Ohio, to name just a few.  But this organization needs your help.  Here are ways you can support the ALS Association of Central and Southern Ohio.

So how close are we to finding a cure for ALS?

Two independent studies in 2011 found a new genetic mutation that is believed to be the main cause of the disease.  This ground-breaking discovery is a major milestone in finding a cure and better treatments for this illness.

“This is tremendously exciting,” says ALS Association Chief Scientist Dr. Lucie Bruijn, Ph.D. “These findings will significantly impact the field as we begin to understand more about the consequence of these changes to the disease process, aid our understanding of FTD and ALS, potentially provide a diagnostic tool, and enable the development of new therapeutic approaches.”

M.C. Mobility Systems strongly encourages patients with ALS, caregivers of people with ALS, and anyone in the community willing to provide support to contact their local chapter of the ALS Society and find ways to help and get help.  We are proud to partner with the ALS Association of Central and Southern Ohio, as well as the ALS Association of Northern Ohio, to bring mobility equipment and wheelchair accessible transportation to people with this disease in Ohio.

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