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Ohio conference seeks to build bridges in the disabled community

This October, Joni and Friends of Ohio is hosting a conference that will connect people with disabilities, disability ministries, and those working in disability or mental health fields at a 2-day conference in Columbus, OH.  “Though the Roof F.U.S.E. Conference” will place particular emphasis on those with disabilities in the African-American community and other minority populations.

Joni and Friends is an international ministry that serves people with disabilities across the globe. The non-profit’s mission has four parts:

  1. Evangelize people effected by disabilities and their families
  2. Train, disciple, and mentor people affected by disabilities
  3. Multiply disability effective churches
  4. Promote a biblical worldview on disability through education and policy

The Ohio branch of Joni and Friends will host “Through the Roof F.U.S.E. Conference” October 19-20 at the First Church of God in Columbus, OH. F.U.S.E. stands for Foundations of bioethics, Unseen disabilities/mental health, Social action and Church advocacy, and Equipping for disability ministry. The conference will include keynote speakers Dr. Kathy McReynolds of Joni and Friends Christian Institute on Disability, Jamil O’Quinn who will discuss Christology and mental illness in the African-American community, and Cynthia Berry of Joni and Friends International Disability Center.

This promises to be a life changing event for many families and professionals who live and work in the disabled communities of Ohio. For more information about how to register, please visit the Through the Roof F.U.S.E. Conference event website.

Event Location
Friday Oct. 19, 6:00-9:30pm
Saturday, Oct. 20, 7:00am-5:00pm
First Church of God
3480 Refugee Rd, Columbus, OH 43232
Phone: 937-352-4095
Contact: Lisa Brown

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