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Changing the Face of Beauty

Steve English and Katie Driscoll of Illinois have always had an attachment to children who have special needs. Katie is a mother to a daughter with Down Syndrome and Steve’s son is grown with special needs of his own. Together, they decided to start a campaign to change the way society judges those with special needs.

Katie and Steve started the Changing the Face of Beauty campaign at the beginning of 2012 and have been using their photography skills to capture how beautiful individuals in the disability community are, both inside and out.  Not only do they use their own photography skills, but they also network with other photographers throughout the country.  Getting these individuals’ photos into advertising is a great way to promote awareness of the needs of people with disabilities and show off their natural beauty.

As an advertiser and a business serving people with disabilities, M.C. Mobility Systems is honored to have teamed up with the Changing the Face of Beauty campaign, in an effort to shed light on their cause, and spread the message that advertising doesn’t need to have conventional models to be relatable.  Please enjoy our gallery of ads using some of their models below.

For more information about how to support this amazing campaign, visit the Changing the Face of Beauty site at .

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