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Trending Now: Handicap Accessible Vans

Handicap Accessible Vans Are Getting Around

It’s not always easy to get around town when you’re in a wheelchair. The good news—many cities are recognizing the need for handicap accessible vans    . Take the Columbus City Council, for example. They recently recognized the difficulty their citizens with disabilities faced when looking for transportation. Now 30 new cab licenses for Handicap Accessible Vans are up for a vote in Columbus. In anticipation of the outcome, Yellow Cab of Columbus is re-evaluating their fleet.

Today’s handicap accessible vans are more sophisticated than ever. That’s good news for customers looking for special accommodations. What determines the modifications of a van? It all comes down to how the individual’s disability interacts with different adaptive driving equipment. Each rider or driver has unique physical challenges. For example, entering or exiting a chair to enter or leave a van. Or sitting for hours on a long trip. So each van can be tailored to fit the unique needs of the rider or driver—even as they drive.

Handicap Accessible Vans: The Art of Accommodation, Perfected

Comfort is a priority in handicap accessible vans. An awesome conversion can respond to the rider or driver down to the smallest detail. Take seating options. They can vary from a simple seat that rotates out, to one that rotates out and lowers at the touch of a button. Scooter and wheelchair lifts can also help load and unload an occupied or unoccupied wheelchair, scooter or power chair for the ride. And adaptive hand controls offer ways to control key vehicle functions. From the radio controls and air conditioning to acceleration, braking and steering.

Both Yellow Cab of Columbus and people with disabilities stand to benefit from handicap accessible vans. With so many options available, these vans are worth a second glance.

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