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Ohio Residents Soon To Have More Options In Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

In Ohio, a wheelchair accessible taxi is almost unheard of and may seem tough to hire. People with disabilities needing to commute to doctors appointment can face major obstacles just trying to find proper transportation. Currently, most wheelchair accessible transportation must be scheduled at least a day in advance and can be costly compared to normal cab fares.

When families cannot afford to buy an adaptive vehicle, they must rely on public transportation that can accommodate the needs of their loved one. In the smaller cities of Ohio, many families have no real options for a wheelchair accessible taxi, and must figure out how to shoulder that burden alone.

While tremendous strides have been made to improve the transportation options for people with disabilities, these needs continue to be present and unaccounted for. Many individuals and organizations around the state have recognized this need and have rallied to bring about national awareness of this dire situation. The lack of wheelchair accessible taxis in Ohio has started drawing the attention of many of the citizens and authorities concerned. State Council Members who agree and strongly support the change, voted on a resolution to add wheelchair accessible vehicles in a city where no cabs are currently wheelchair accessible. The new taxis will be on call at all hours of the day and night, and only charge the same fare as those being charged in normal cabs.

Revamping these wheelchair vans can cost at least $10,000, while buying new can range from $45,000 on up, and the cab companies will be required to pay the cost to outfit each new van. The goal is to get the cabs on the streets with Ohio Medical Transportation Board certification, and specialized training for all of the taxi drivers. Having wheelchair accessible taxis will bring a huge relief to people with disabilities.

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