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Coping with a New Disability and using Mobility Equipment

Living with disabilities and using mobility equipment present different challenges for many individuals, but one of the most difficult situations is when a person is suddenly disabled due to accident, illness or genetics. The adjustment to a new lifestyle not only physically, but also emotionally, is tough for many people. While there is no way to guarantee these tips will work for everyone, we hope you will find some inspiration or guidance when facing your own challenges:Expect Emotion: 
It is completely normal and natural to feel frightened, frustrated, anger and resentment when you are suddenly presented with challenges during activities that were previously second nature. If you feel that you cannot shake these feelings or channel the energy into positive action, we encourage you to seek counseling. Many hospitals and social service agencies provide outlets and support groups. One of the best things you can do to reach out and meet new people who understand what you may be going through. It is a great way to share information on what works well for them to help make being mobile a little easier.

Expect Reactions from Others: Most people do not know how to react to a person they know has a new disability. They want to say and do the right thing but most are not prepared to handle another person’s trauma adequately. Encourage your friends, family and acquaintances to treat you as normal as they did before.

Be Prepared for Organizational Frustrations: While rehabilitation centers, physical and occupational therapists and other organizations have been established to help you, you may find yourself frustrated about how long it takes to get help. Don’t be afraid to remind them that their establishment exists to assist you. Rely on detailed notes of your interactions to help recount any actions promised, names of people who are assisting you and items you need from them.

Your Disability Can Open New Doors
: The most important tip is to not allow your disability or your use of mobility equipment to define you. There are many adaptive products available to help with your new challenges. Try not to fall into despair, the world is waiting and the possibilities are limitless.

How you choose to move forward with the next steps will define your course. Choose positivity and invite new possibilities into your life.

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