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The Journey to a Positive Attitude

The Journey to a Positive Attitude

Many people believe that you can’t control all the things that happen to you, and whether that’s true or not, the most important thing you can control in your life is your attitude. It’s easy to sink in to the negatives of every day life, especially when living with a disability. However, if you choose to maintain a favorable attitude you will find that your outlook could open new doors.Positivism takes practice and time; so don’t feel defeated if it doesn’t come naturally to you at first. An example of how you can improve your daily attitude is by stimulating your mind for at least 30 minutes every day. This could be from reading a great newspaper or magazine article to listening to relaxing music. Another great way to practice positivism is to tell yourself that you will not be limited by the circumstances that you are in. Maintain positive expectations, and you will find that you can attract opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

It can also help to talk with family and friends about how you are feeling. It’s okay to voice your opinions and thoughts about your disability with those who care about you. Others can help you realize your strengths, value your differences, and help identify some positive aspects that you may have not thought of.

Additionally, research has shown that having a positive attitude affects overall health and ultimately your success. Being a positive person allows you to better cope with stress and healthy stress management is associated with health benefits. Some health benefits of a positive attitude include: decreased rate of depression, improved immune system (from lower stress levels), better psychological well-being and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Remember not to compare yourself to others but compare yourself to your opportunities. Do not hang on to grief or sadness because it is self-defeating, base your successes in life on if you are living up to your potential. People with disabilities are successful because they build resilient attitudes in overcoming obstacles. Finding an alternative method to getting something done is absolutely acceptable and can be rewarding. Use it towards your advantage as it showcases your creativity in finding alternative ways to get something done.

The journey to a better positive attitude begins with a little effort so start small and then immerse yourself in fulfilling thoughts and actions. It can improve different aspects of your life, if you let it.

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