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Easy Airline Traveling Tips


Easy Airline Traveling Tips

As some people have experienced, traveling by air can be challenging, especially for those with disabilities. From the security lines to delayed flights, things can seem a bit out of your control if you are unprepared. However, don’t let these small setbacks hold you back from having a good time. We are here to equip you with some airline travel tips that will make traveling with a disability easier.

Plan in Advance. Whether you need additional assistance or you are traveling with someone who needs it, planning in advance is essential when preparing to fly. Look for airlines that have accommodating policies for travelers in power chairs. Prepare a checklist of things you need to include before your trip. It’s easy to forget something if you are in a hurry.

Call the Airline. To help ease any concern, it is a good idea to call the airline in advance to get the details on their policies. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, find out if there are checked baggage fees or if there is food being served on your flights. Airlines are very accommodating to those who need assistance.

Arrive Early. It is always best to arrive early before your flight, but this is especially important when traveling with a disability. This ensures peace of mind while checking luggage or other essential items. Also, it will make traveling through security less stressful and, more importantly, will make it easier when boarding the actual plane.

Protect Your Wheelchair. In the unlikely event that something does happen to your wheelchair, it is a good idea to tag your wheelchair with your information in case it does go missing. It is also recommended, not required, that you bring along instructions to dismantle your chair, in the occasion that it is needed. If you have a power chair, it is important to know how to disconnect the power for the battery.

Know the Airline. Many airline’s airplanes are designed differently in terms of disabled seating. Get familiar with what kind of seating the aircraft is equipped with. Another important factor to know is where your wheelchair will be stored. Making a quick call or navigating the airlines website should answer all these questions for you.

Know Your Rights. Although, airline travel for disabled passengers has come a long way from where it used to be, it never hurts to know your rights as a traveler. This way, you eliminate the risk of being treated unfairly. Make sure the people transporting you on the plane know what they are doing. With knowledge in hand, you can make traveling for yourself or your companion much easier.

For additional information go to wheelchairtraveling.com and never hesitate to contact your airline with questions.

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