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Welcome Home! Wheelchair Accessible Home Modifications

Welcome Home! Wheelchair Accessible Home Modifications

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in his or her own home, but certain disabilities can make that comfort more difficult to achieve. While vehicle modifications have become very common among those living with disabilities, home modifications may not be as widespread.

Fortunately, there are many different types of home modifications available that can offer you the same freedom and independence you have in your modified vehicle within your home. Two of the most common options to create a fully accessible home are stair lifts and ramps.

Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are the perfect option for those who have difficulty accessing the upper levels of their home. Stair lifts are designed for a variety of staircases and, with many models and styles to choose from, there is sure to be a stair lift to fit your specific needs. Stair lifts can be installed on existing indoor and outdoor staircases. Ideal for shorter distances, platform lifts can also be installed for your convenience. The models listed below show the wide variety available with this type of equipment.

•Elan Straight Rail Stairlift

•Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor Stair Lift

•Electra-Ride III Curved Rail

•Vertical Platform Lift VPL-3100


Ramps are ideal semi-permanent solutions for home access. They are designed to make house entries, including front steps, doorways and drop landings, wheelchair accessible. Ramps are available in a variety of materials, including rubber and aluminum, depending on specific needs. Models are created for both consistent and occasional use, allowing you to adjust for different instances. The following models are a small sample of the ramp options available to choose from.

•Pathway Ramp Classic Series

•Rubber Threshold Ramp

•Suitcase Ramp Signature Series

When shopping for a stair lift or a ramp, it is important to remember that prices can range based on a variety of characteristics including model and individual needs, so be sure to contact M.C. Mobility Systems for details.

This mobility update has been brought to you by M.C. Mobility Systems. For more information about wheelchair accessible vehicles, visit MCMobilitySystems.com to find the dealership nearest you.

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