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Wheelchair Maintenance


Wheelchair Maintenance Tips

Read the Manual

Before you grab a handful of nuts and bolts and start hammering away at your wheelchair, the absolute best thing you can do first is read the manual. It’s typically a fantastic resource that contains a plethora of information including warranties, required tools, and many maintenance tips that you’ll find in this very article! Your wheelchair is incredibly valuable in more ways than one, so take some time to learn more about it with a quick read.

Purchase the Right Tools

If there’s one way to save money, it’s having the right tools for your wheelchair. Being able to repair it is a great way to free your budget up from any service fees you’d be charged by a mechanic. Your arsenal of tools should include screwdrivers (both Phillips head and flat), an Allen wrench set, adjustable and spoke wrenches, and a tire repair kit.

Develop Good Maintenance Habits

After you read your manual and have the tools needed for repairs, it’s time to get into a good habit of monitoring your wheelchair. First, apply some water to a rag and wipe down your wheelchair daily. You should check for any loose nuts or bolts at least once a month. If one of them needs replacement, be sure to do so quickly and with an identical nut/bolt type. Test that any possible folding mechanisms, pivot points, and ball bearings on the wheelchair work properly, and that they are appropriately lubricated every year. Finally, check for any cracks in the wheelchair, depending on the damage they may need to be replaced.

Watch Your Wheels

Not only is your chair important, but the wheels you roll on as well. Try to keep your axle clean as it will develop plenty of dirt the more often you use it, a weekly clean is recommended. Similar to any vehicle, a flat tire can cause plenty of problems and that’s where your tire repair kit comes in, it’ll allow you to patch your tires instead of having to purchase a new tube every time your tires get damaged. Also, checking your tire pressure monthly can prevent future, more serious damages.

Whether you’re constantly on the move or have a more sedentary lifestyle, learning the ways of wheelchair maintenance will ensure your safety each day.

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