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Hotel Selection Tips

Are you prepared for your summer vacation?

Summer time is a perfect time to take a vacation, below are some recommendations that may help you with planning.

ADA Compliant & Friendly

When you begin your search for the right hotel, it’s first important to ensure the hotel is ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant. A hotel that is ADA compliant will provide specific services for handicapped customers, which we will look at soon. But while complying with ADA requirements is a necessary factor in your hotel, it’s just as important that it is ADA friendly as well. In other words, the staff should be trained to effectively provide quality service to handicapped customers and make sure all customers are treated with dignity and respect.

ADA Requirements

Before you make a decision on a hotel that claims ADA compliancy, check to see if they meet these requirements. First, they should have a parking lot with handicapped accessible spaces. Their guestroom should include an open bed frame and plenty of space to get around. The front desk should have a lowered counter area to allow easy sign in/check out. Finally, their bathrooms should have easy-to-use fixtures and a roll-in shower. Taking a moment to research online or having a quick call to see if they meet these standards can help in ensuring a nice, comfortable stay on your trip.

ADA Friendly

Once you’ve selected your hotel, it can be very beneficial to check if the staff is ADA trained. A good way of doing this is by monitoring your first impressions with the staff. Whether you’d like to do that when you arrive at the hotel or by making a call ahead of time is up to you. Ask yourself, are they friendly and positive? Do you feel that they will meet your specific needs and are committed to do so? Do they seem comfortable with your disability? If so, you can rest easy that this staff is properly trained and will provide quality service during your stay.

Trip Ideas

Selecting the right hotel will improve the quality of your trip in many ways, but what about the places you visit? Ohio has many ADA certified hotels that can be found near some of the state’s greatest attractions. For example, a visit to the tranquil Hocking Hill State Park or a trip to the exciting Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are located only miles away from a plethora of great hotels operated to meet your specific needs.

A quick vacation coupled with a nice hotel can do wonders, and following these tips will help you to have the best possible time on your next trip.

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