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Americans with Disabilities Act 24th Anniversary

Americans with Disabilities Act 24th Anniversary

An amazing moment in U.S. history is soon to see its 24th anniversary. On July 26th, the legislation of the Americans with Disabilities Act will be celebrated once more as a law that has impacted and improved the lives of countless people with disabilities. To celebrate these advancements, let’s take a look at its history, content, and the influence that it has had throughout the years.


It’s July 1990. The sky is clear and the sun is bright as it shines over the freshly cut lawn of the White House. Two thousand advocates eagerly watch as President George Bush signs a small, yet monumental document. Its title: The Americans With Disabilities Act. At that moment, a law was put in place to help end inequality for millions of disabled citizens.


This civil rights law prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in all areas of life. From jobs, education, and even wheelchair accessible transportation, it strives to give those with disabilities equal rights and opportunities. The act is divided into five sections: Employment, State/Local Government, Public Accommodations, Telecommunications, and Miscellaneous Provisions. These provide citizens with disabilities various rights, such as access to the same employment benefits as others and public accommodation standards for hotels, restaurants, doctor’s offices, etc. Detailed information on each section can be found through a quick search online.


The ADA has deeply impacted and influenced American culture and has made significant improvements in how our society accommodates people with disabilities. It is now common practice for products, buildings, and programs to be designed with accessibility in mind. This has greatly increased the number of ramps, curb cuts, lift devices, and modified furniture. Employees are being trained to better serve their customers, shops and restaurants incorporate easily accessible pathways, and public transportation vehicles have been completely remodeled.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is not just a law, but also a symbol of equality for all citizens, so we encourage you to take some time this month to reflect on this historic event

If you would like to read the Americans with Disabilities Act in full, click here.

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