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Accessible Camping

As summer begins to wrap up, you might be looking for a nice outdoor activity. Nothing says “summertime” quite like immersing yourself in nature. Have you ever thought about a night outdoors under the stars? Camping trips do not have to be something to shy away from. With our tips and innovative advice, camping can be accessible and enjoyable for all.

Get the Gear

One of the most important facets of a successful camping trip is having the proper equipment. Whether you prefer RV camping or more traditional tent camping, everything you need can be obtained in stores or online. You will need off-road, all-terrain wheelchair wheels to help you handle the unpaved ground. Manufacturers have developed disability-friendly tents, designed to allow wheelchairs to roll directly into the front entrance. These unique tents also include other useful features such as a wheelchair storage room, a separate sleeping compartment with space for a raised cot, and a sliding front door. Blue Sky Designs and Eureka are two companies that specialize in accessible camping equipment.

Find Your Motivation

A new activity can be intimidating and sometimes requires an extra boost of confidence. Joining a camping club is an excellent way to find support and overcome the initial fear of a first-time experience. The Handicapped Travel Club is a national group of both disabled and non-disabled lovers of camping. The idea of the club is to encourage and assist campers with disabilities. Dues are inexpensive and support is unlimited. Local camping clubs can also be found in any city.

Choose a Campsite

In order to make the most of your experience, make sure to choose a campsite with all of the features you may need. These include extra-wide paved paths, modified tables and water fountains, accessible restrooms and ramps at building entrances. Calling the site ahead of time with any questions you may have can help make your experience safe and pleasant. Ohio has plenty of campsites outfitted perfectly for visitors with limited mobility. These include places like: Barkcamp, Cowan Lake, Deer Creek, Mosquito Lake, Paint Creek, Salt Fork, and West Branch. All of these beautiful locations include boating, fishing, hiking, swimming, and various amenities. Visit for detailed information on these and all of Ohio’s accessible state park facilities. If you need help with transportation M.C. Mobility Systems in Ohio is your go to source.

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