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May Is NMEDA’s 4th Annual National Mobility Awareness Month

For the 4th year in a row, the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is recognizing May as National Mobility Awareness Month. To commemorate the month-long event, NMEDA promotes an inspiring program that gives brand new wheelchair-accessible vans to people with disabilities who “embody the spirit of Life Moving Forward.” NMEDA appropriately refers to such individuals as “Local Heroes.”

According to NMEDA, a Local Hero is you or anyone in your community—a caregiver, veteran or person with a disability—who is experiencing or overcoming mobility challenges. Local Heroes can be defined as people who volunteer, educate, advocate, achieve, and persevere.

You can nominate your Local Hero by submitting a photo of them accompanied by a 400-word essay, or you may submit a short video, one to three minutes in length. Whether you submit a photograph or a video, your nomination should explain how your Local Hero embraces “Life Moving Forward,” because although a disability may hinder the body, it does not have to hinder the spirit.

As a NMEDA QAP Certified dealer, MC Mobility Systems is helping to spread the word about Mobility Awareness Month. Do you know a Local Hero that you would like to nominate? The online application process is simple, and MC Mobility Systems can help.


How To Enter:

–       Visit

–       Fill out your information.

–       Submit your video or photograph and essay.

–       For bonus points upon entry, please visit or call one of our MC Mobility stores and inquire about our specific Dealer Code.

If you submit a photograph, please choose a nice, quality photo of the nominee. Make sure there is proper lighting and the image is clear and in-focus; you might even want to take a special picture just for the nomination. Whatever photo you submit, remember, a smile is the best accessory!

The essay that accompanies your photograph should be well-written and concise. Although imperative that it stay within the 400-word limit, do your best to convey your nominee’s passion for life, as well as his or her need for a new van. The ultimate goal is to let us know why your nominee is your Local Hero!

If you choose to submit a video, be creative! Again, be mindful of the three-minute time limit, and focus on your message: why your nominee is a Local Hero and why they deserve a new wheelchair-accessible van.

Program Information To Know:

–       Essays and video submissions will be accepted starting April 15.

–       Voting to help determine the winners will take place May 1 – May 31.

–       In June, the winners will be chosen!

Whether you plan to participate in the program or not, you can still help us spread the word about National Mobility Awareness Month; tell your friends, families and loved ones, and help us share stories and information on social media! Every effort counts.

In the last four years, NMEDA has given new vans to 16 winners during the National Mobility Awareness Month Program. This is your chance to contribute, raise awareness, and change the lives of just a few of those empowering individuals living with mobility issues.

Please visit for the program’s official rules and regulations as well as additional details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any one of our four MC Mobility Systems locations. Follow our MC Mobility Facebook and Twitter pages for updates and information.

Are you ready to help NMEDA give away some vans?