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Funding Options For A Wheelchair Accessible Van

Not everyone with physical disabilities has the funds to purchase the proper adaptive equipment or invest in
the mobility solutions they need. However, as the old adage goes: “Where there is a will, there is a way,” and there are various options available to those individuals or families who cannot afford a vehicle on their own.

Listed below are a few of those options.


National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association Local Heroes Contest
The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) hosts the Local Heroes Contest each year during National Mobility Awareness month in May (AKA – right now!) Local Heroes can enter or be nominated for a chance to win a FREE wheelchair accessible van. According to NMEDA, a Local Hero is anyone in the community—a caregiver, veteran or person with a disability—who is experiencing or overcoming mobility challenges. Local Heroes can be defined as people who volunteer, educate, advocate, achieve, and persevere.

More Details:

  • The entry form must be completed online at
  • Entrants must submit a video, or a written essay with a photograph, explaining why he or she is a Local Hero
  • For bonus points upon entry, visit or call a MC Mobility store and inquire about the specific Dealer Code.
  • Visit for the program’s official rules and regulations as well as additional details and important dates

The Ralph Braun Foundation

The Ralph Braun Foundation was created by Ralph Braun, mobility product pioneer and founder of mobility manufacturer, BraunAbility. The foundation offers several funding cycles throughout the year, and at the end of each one, a candidate receives the funds needed to complete his or her mobility purchase. Granted funds may be applied to new or used vehicles, wheelchair lifts, car-top wheelchair carriers, scooter lifts, and access seats. Previous funding cycles have funded up to 25 percent of the cost of the actual mobility transportation equipment, with a cap of $5,000.

More Details:

  • The application process must be completed online
  • Directed only to people who have accumulated most of the money needed to fund the project and need help reaching their final goal
  • Candidate must be purchasing from NMEDA certified mobility dealer
  • Candidate must have already been assessed by mobility consultant at the dealer
  • Candidate’s purchase must occur immediately after the funding is granted

Medicaid and Government Assistance
Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that helps people with limited income or resources afford medical costs, such as Emergency Room and hospital visits, medical equipment, and vision and dental services, to name a few.

More Details:

  • Medicaid benefits differ by state, and coverage of mobility equipment is often approved on a case by case basis
  • Contact the Ohio Department of Medicaid to find out if you are eligible for coverage of mobility equipment.

download (1)Financing Options

Financing is a form of payment that allows you to pay a down payment up front and the rest in monthly installments.

More Details:

  • MC Mobility Systems provides more affordable solution through financing
  • Call mobility consultant to see what financing options are available to you


Vocational Rehabilitation Department
A Vocational Rehabilitation Department provides employment services so people with disabilities can find and keep jobs. State Vocational Rehabilitation offices may also be able to help provide assistive technology, personal assistance services, transportation and the tools or equipment needed to become or remain employed.

More Details: