5 Ways To Prepare Your Accessible Vehicle For Winter | M.C. Mobility Systems

5 Ways To Prepare Your Accessible Vehicle For Winter

Winter is coming, and it’s time to get your vehicle and its adaptive equipment ready for the harsh weather. Let M.C. Mobility Systems’ service advisors and technicians help, starting with the following five tips to get your vehicle winter-ready:

1. Schedule Repairs
If your vehicle needs any repairs, take care of them now before the weather worsens. Your accessible vehicle should be in the best possible condition before it takes on the winter roads.

2. Inspect Adaptive Equipment & Check Battery Life
Winter brings snow, ice and other harsh elements – make sure the adaptive components of your vehicle are all functioning properly, from power doors and in-floor ramps, to lifts and tie-down systems.

Make sure your vehicle’s battery can hold an adequate charge. The last thing you want is an engine that doesn’t start in the cold weather.

3. Change Windshield Wipers & Wiper Fluid
Windshield wipers are in use all year long, and thus should be replaced every six months to one year. Replace them before winter starts so you can count on them to work properly during those snowy morning and evening commutes.

In addition to replacing your windshield wipers, make sure you have enough windshield wiper fluid as well; it keeps your windshield in good condition, and will be detrimental to visibility during snowy drives.

4. Change the Oil
Changing the oil in your wheelchair accessible vehicle will improve numerous aspects of driving. An oil change lubricates the engine, ensures better gas mileage, and prevents costly repairs in the future.

5. Check/Change the Tires
All of your tires should have plenty of air and plenty of traction tread. If they are balding or wearing, replace them. Don’t wait!

Whether you purchased your accessible vehicle from M.C. Mobility Systems or not, you can bring it to one of our locations for routine service or maintenance appointments. Call today for an appointment; we’re here to get you there.