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M.C. Mobility Partners with Chive Charities


M.C. Mobility is excited to partner with Chive Charities and BraunAbility, the preferred mobility partner of Chive Charities, to help young children and families in need. 

The main goal of Chive Charities is to increase social awareness for orphaned causes. They are dedicated to “championing the underdogs”. These underdogs include individuals with rare medical conditions, disabled veterans and first responders in need of quality of life enhancements, underfunded special needs education initiatives, and organizations that provide emergency assistance/disaster relief.

Chive Charities promotes social awareness for its causes through the pop culture and entertainment website, theCHIVE. theCHIVE platform gives these underdog causes a voice and a megaphone through which millions can hear the Chive Charities recipient stories. theCHIVE blog-style stories also allow supporters to get a glimpse into the lives they are impacting through their financial support. Using their excellent skills in the art of story telling, Chive Charities hopes the increased level of connection boosts awareness for their causes.

Chive Charities selects several recipients a month who are in financial need that also lack public awareness for their cause. To date, Chive Charities has helped 80 individuals with rare medical illnesses, 12 disaster and emergency causes, 14 veteran causes, and 10 special education needs. In total, this has amounted to over $7 million in support.

Later this week, we’ll be partnering with Chive Charities to donate a new 2016 wheelchair-accessible van to a young woman in need named Megan. We will have the family out to our Columbus M.C. Mobility location to receive the van. We are very excited about this event, and we look forward to sharing pictures from this event along with Megan’s story with you soon!

If you are interested in supporting Chive Charities, go to their website for more information on how to partner with them and make an impact. Or if you are in need of support, click here to complete a grant application.

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