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VMI’s “Claim Your Space” Aims to Enlighten and Empower

Vantage Mobility International, or VMI, recently launched the ‘Claim Your Space’ campaign. This is a great chance for a wheelchair user to receive $10,000 towards the purchase of a new VMI conversion. Also, if you already have a VMI conversion vehicle and you win, VMI will write you a check for $10,000 instead.

So why do such a big giveaway like this? We had a chance to talk with VMI and receive their insight into the benefits of this campaign.

“The purpose of this campaign is to bring awareness to customers about the fact that VMI vans have the most usable interior space compared to other lowered floor minivans in the marketplace today.”, said Sophia from VMI. As a seller of VMI conversion vans, we can back up this claim and state that the VMI vans are incredibly spacious. They are so spacious, in fact, that wheelchair users can do a complete 360° turn inside the van!

Sophia continued, “because of our spacious interior, passengers who sit taller in their chairs (especially power chair users) have ample headroom to travel comfortably. Also, our vehicle space allows flexible seating configurations and enable maximum passenger capacity.”


Another hope of this campaign is that customers will visit their local dealers, such as MC Mobility, in order to check out these VMI conversion vans in person and get a product demonstration from one of our mobility consultants. Hearing about the benefits is one thing, but we really encourage you to see these amazing features in person. They will truly change your life and your mobility.

In addition to the Claim Your Space campaign, VMI has also added a social element to their outreach, recently launching the Save Your Space campaign on Facebook. On there, you can share photos and a story of what you and a friend who would “share your space” would do with a spacious mobility van like a VMI. If you are chosen through this, you will win a $200 gift card from VMI.

This promotion runs through April 15th, so enter soon! And while you’re at it, check out our impressive inventory of VMI Conversion Vans.

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