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Local Family Provided With Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle After Years Of Waiting

We’re proud to partner with BraunAbility to provide for a local family in dire need. Jason and Angel Snyder are both residents of Strasburg, Ohio. They have three kids, and one of their sons was born with multiple disabilities. These disabilities have required special transportation requirements, which have been difficult for the Snyder’s. But soon, they will never have to worry about this again.

M.C. Mobility Systems has partnered with BraunAbility to provide this family with a beautiful, wheelchair-accessible van. After years of working hard and fighting to acquire the transportation that they needed, we are glad to be able to support them in this way.

This story was brought to us by a neighbor of the Snyder’s, Francine Sezonov. She stated that the Snyder’s would never even think to ask for something like this, but that “Sometimes we have to just step forward and do what we know is right.” Sezonov describes this couple as the kind of people who “would give you their last dollar.” The hope that they carry and the contributions that they make to their community led Sezonov to tell us that, “You would never know the fear they carry every day not knowing if they can get their son the help that he needs.”

The Snyder’s are the type of people who truly deserve a gift such as this. These hard-working parents have managed to provide for all of their children, but this circumstance still left them with many challenges; the biggest of which has been transportation for their son. The family had a van for a long time, but it was on its last leg and was deemed unsafe to drive. Therefore, a new purchase was in order.

After several years of yard sales and saving money, they managed to have $10,000 available to purchase an accessible van. They bought a used van from a local dealership, and quickly found out that the frame was too rusted to safely drive. The dealership gave them much difficulty and initially refused to refund the family, but opted to do so once the Ohio Attorney General was contacted.

While they were grateful to have their purchase refunded, this family was still left without adequate transportation. When their son needed to be transported for doctors’ appointments or hospital visits, the family had to resort to calling 911 just to get him there.

Now, this family is due to be blessed with a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan SE, which they will be contributing their funds towards. This vehicle is equipped with a BraunAbility Rear-entry lowered floor conversion, which will be donated by BraunAbility. M.C. Mobility will be donating the Q’Strain fully-automatic wheelchair lockdown.

More details will be released following the event, so stay tuned!


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