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National Mobility Awareness Month – Enter to Win a Free Wheelchair Van!


M.C. Mobility is joining with NMEDA to kick off the fifth annual National Mobility Awareness Month! This awareness month was founded with the goal of educating people with disabilities about the many wheelchair accessible vehicles and adaptive mobility equipment options available, which can help many live an active and mobile lifestyle.

In celebration of this awareness month, NMEDA has created an online contest that will award three entrants with wheelchair accessible vehicles, each tailored to meet the recipient’s┬áspecific needs. These vans are being awarded to Local Heroes; people with disabilities who have triumphed over their mobility challenges through either academic or career ambitions, as well as their contributions to their communities.

People with disabilities are the largest minority group in the country, with over 18 million people having mobility issues in the U.S. and Canada. Transportation is the key to freedom for many, and through programs like National Mobility Awareness Month, we join more than 600 NMEDA members to assist people with disabilities in gaining their independence. It’s very fulfilling to develop lifelong relationships with our customers.

This contest is open to Local Heroes all over the country. This includes wheelchair users of any age over 18 years, as well as caregivers who are heroes. Entrants will submit a 400-word-or-less essay, or a 2 minute video explaining how they are triumphing over their mobility challenges. This encompasses academic accomplishments, career ambitions, active living and community contributions. Entries can be submitted by either the Hero themselves, or by a friend or family member.

If you purchase a wheelchair-accessible van during the duration of this promotion and are chosen as a winner, NMEDA will reimburse your purchase price; up to $50,000! And for every entrant who is not chosen as a winner, they will receive a voucher for $1,500 off of a wheelchair van purchase*.

M.C. Mobility aims to be an asset to our local entrants in this competition, and we hope to assist our Local Heroes in every way possible. We will regularly be sending updates on the status of this competition, both from our blog and from our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). We are also willing to record videos for our Local Heroes, and promote them from our social media outlets as well.

If you are interested in being a part of this competition, submit your entry at, and contact us for assistance! In addition, reach out to your nearest M.C. location to earn 1,000 bonus points in this contest!


Full Schedule for this Competition:

*Must be redeemed by October 1st