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National Mobility Awareness Month Entrant – Justine Jones

M.C. Mobility Systems is proud to participate in the National Mobility Awareness Month van giveaway contest, presented by NMEDA. We are looking to support local entrants in any way possible, and we are excited to share Justine’s story!


Justine Jones is a 21-year-old woman who was born with Spina Bifida, which has required her to use a wheelchair. Below is her contest entry, which was submitted by Laura O’Donnell, a former teacher of Justine’s. Read the encouraging story of Justine, and take the time to vote for her to win this life-changing prize!

Entry Photo for Justine Jones - Cincinnati, OH

When I heard about the contest for a wheelchair accessible vehicle, I was instantly moved to submit Justine Jones’ story.

I met Justine (pictured left) about seven years ago as my student at Clark Montessori High School. I was lucky to work with her for two years and during the time I saw her work ethic and perseverance most readily. You see, Justine literally overcomes, on a daily basis, the painful effects of severe Spinal Bifida. She has been in and out of the hospital for surgeries and pain management. However, her attitude was always incredibly bright most days and she works very hard day by day, even when she was far behind her peers on assignments.

Today Justine is pursuing her passion of helping children battling medical setbacks by attending Cincinnati State in a medical assistant program. Her never give up attitude has earned her merits list several quarters and recently Justine has moved into her very own apartment. Justine is now literally driven to begin driving! She has passed driving exams and is now fervently seeking a wheelchair accessible van. Having received pre-approval on a modified vehicle she is working very hard to fund the $6000 down payment by setting up a you caring page to raise money. (

Justine has ambitions to begin volunteering at Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati and hopes to secure a job there as well. I can’t stress enough how deserving this young woman is of this vehicle as well as the future children assigned to her caseload at Children’s. Justine has created a life for herself admirable by any standards for a young woman. When one considers just how many odds she has and will continue to overcome to do it is truly beyond words. Justine has a large supportive family of brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews headed by a father who lovingly does everything he can for his family. Mr. Jones would love to see his baby girl have a fresh, debt free start to her adult life where he can rest assured she is safe and well.

Please deeply consider what a life altering gift this vehicle will be for Justine and her entire family. There are few people in this life who face as many setbacks Justine has faced; but her character is also a rare gem this world will have the pleasure to know.


To vote for Justine, visit this link. You can vote up to one time every 24 hours. And share Justine’s story to help her achieve this amazing goal!

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