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What’s Available to Cincinnati Seniors Now Looking for Mobility Vehicles?

Maroon Mobility Van

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles change the lives of wheelchair users and loved ones every day. Whether you suffer from paralysis, illness or disability, having difficulty getting around or are a caretaker of a loved one, a wheelchair-accessible vehicle can help you regain mobility and independence.

What Is a Wheelchair-accessible vehicle?

A wheelchair-accessible vehicle is equipped with a lowered floor and ramp that is used to transfer a wheelchair user. Not all wheelchair-accessible vehicles are the same, and you can tailor the car to fit your specific needs. For example, based on your preference, ramps can be accessed from the rear or the passenger side, allowing you to enter and exit the vehicle with ease. Wheelchair-accessible vans, trucks and SUVs can accommodate passengers and drivers, with removable seats so you can drive or ride directly from your chair without having to transfer.

What Other Vehicle Modifications Are Available?

Wheelchair Lift

Wheelchair lifts can be installed in a variety of larger vehicles, such as a Ford Transit, where more room is needed for the user (or multiple users). However, not all vehicles get the same lift. There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a lift for your vehicle.  Each vehicle has its own dimensions to consider, as well as the placement of the lift in the vehicle.  The largest factor in choosing a lift is the size and weight of the user’s chair.  Contact MC Mobility Systems today with any questions you have about a lift in your vehicle.

Scooter Lift

A lot of times, vehicles do not have enough room to store and tow scooters to destinations. Scooter lifts can be installed to help you get you or your loved one’s scooter inside your vehicle when leaving the house. There are numerous options for a scooter lift in your car including platform, crane, outside and hitch-style lifts. All of these can be installed by the friendly staff at M.C. Mobility Systems, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH.

Valet Seating

An option for those needing some extra help into a vehicle comes the Bruno Valet seat.  A transfer seat is a power-operated turning chair that allows you to enter and exit your vehicle with ease. Transfer seats can be installed in all makes and models of vehicles and utilize the factory seating mounts.

Driving Aids

Once you have been certified by a driver rehabilitation specialist to drive your vehicle, you will need the appropriate adaptive equipment. Again, there are options to choose from. Driving aids include hand controls, steering controls, extension controls, or foot controls.

I already have a van, can it be converted for my needs?

Sure can! M.C. Mobility converts vans to the specifications of the driver. We work with BraunAbility and VMI, two leaders in the industry of converted vehicles to make your vehicle accessible for you. Like our tagline says, “We’re here to get you there.”

Although the process of finding, purchasing and driving a wheelchair-accessible van may seem overwhelming, you don’t have to do it alone. Trained mobility consultants are available to help you find the right vehicle and the proper equipment to accommodate your needs, budget and lifestyle.

Call or visit the Cincinnati M.C. Mobility Systems shop to meet a friendly service team member to help you get back on the road!

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