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Financing or Funding for Your Mobility Vehicle

Financing a mobility conversion vehicle can be very difficult since many banks and credit card companies don’t understand what a mobility conversion is. Many times they think that a customer is buying a $60,000+ Dodge Caravan and that’s just not the case. They only see the cost of the van, not the van plus conversion costs.

A couple of the biggest financing options include BraunAbility Finance and Brandl Mobility Finance.

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BraunAbility is the most trusted name in the mobility industry. They claim to give the absolute best rates and most flexible terms to meet nearly every budget. They find the most affordable path for customers by working with world-class financial partners, including Ally, Protective and Triumph Community Bank.

Brandl Mobility Financing does not personally sell vehicles but they do help finance and have a proven track record of helping clients find affordable wheelchair van financing. They specialize in securing great rates for people and companies with good credit, bad credit or no credit!

M.C. Mobility Systems works closely with government agencies in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to provide people with disabilities the products and services they need to maintain independence.

One thing we always ask when customers need assistance is if they are a veteran in any capacity. Veteran Affairs (VA) has grants for veterans with certain disabilities. It’s definitely worth applying for the grant for any veterans in need of an automobile.

Medicaid users can also apply for grants. Department of disabilities in your area can also have waivers for funding.

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Organizations like Chive Charities and GoFundMe have partnered with mobility dealers and manufacturers to provide a space where those in need can reach out for funding help. This not only helps wheelchair users afford the equipment they need but also allows a platform for those who want to give.

Vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, Suburu, Volvo, Audi and many more also offer rebates up-to $1,000 towards your mobility van or equipment purchase through various Mobility Assistance Programs. Not all vehicles are eligible so contact us today to see what will work for you before purchasing.

M.C. Mobility sales people will help our customers and talk to financial institutions. We’re here to get you the vehicle and equipment you need to live an accessible and mobile life.

In the worst case scenario, we tell our customers to pull from their own network connections. Whether that be a church fundraiser, family or friends, there are a lot of opportunities to raise money for yourself and get the equipment you need.

If you need any other resources, please give us a call or visit our website for Product Financing.

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