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College Submissions Considerations for Physically Disabled Students

It’s college submissions season and the process can be both fun and tough. It’s nerve-wracking trying to find the best college to suit your wants and needs. This means, you will need to do a little bit of research well in advance.

There are many services that colleges can offer for physically disabled students, and the great thing about living in Ohio is that we have plenty of colleges surrounding us that have excellent services for students with physical disabilities. Visiting a campus is the best way to see how well a college fits your needs, but we’ll lay out the colleges in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania that you should look into.

These schools are on the TOP of the list of accessible colleges. Check them out!

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Location: Edinboro, PA
Type: Public
Students: 7,462
Tuition: $6,240 in state / $9,360 out of state

Michigan State University
Location: East Lansing, MI
Type: Public
Students: 48,783
Tuition: $12,769 in state / $31,639 out of state

Ohio State University
Location: Columbus, OH
Type: Public
Students: 56,387
Tuition: $8,856 in state / $23,751 out of state

Temple University
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Type: Public
Students: 36,744
Tuition: $13,006 in state / $22,832 out of state

Wright State University
Location: Dayton, OH
Type: Public
Students: 16,780
Tuition: $7,781 in state / $15,344 out of state

For more information about accessible colleges and their disability services, visit our resources page.

So get your applications in and good luck!


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