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VMI is working with the number one crowd sourcing site, GoFundMe, to help individuals in need of a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV).

Whether the goal is to raise funds to cover the cost of purchase or just enough for a down payment, VMI and GoFundMe have made it easier for individuals to get started. When you join VMI’s fund possibilities community you get access to personalized campaign assistance, help finding additional financing/rebates, a wheelchair accessible fundraising guide and a $1,000 rebate towards your VMI wheelchair van!

Already have a GoFundMe account? You can still participate! Just email info@vantagemobility.com for more information about how.

M.C. Mobility Systems was recently awarded as VMI’s fastest growing dealership in 2016. We stand behind VMI’s quality and have seen first hand that their wheelchair vans are great solutions for many people who have mobility challenges. If you are interested in purchasing a VMI mobility van, take a look at our VMI inventory and learn more about VMI’s Fund Possibilities program!


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