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The All New Pacifica: BraunAbility vs. VMI

The All New Pacifica: BraunAbility vs. VMI

With all of the excitement surrounding the new Chrysler Pacifica Wheelchair Accessible Vans, a lot of people may be wondering whether to purchase a BraunAbility or VMI Pacifica conversion.

BraunAbility and VMI are two leaders in the industry, spending decades in the industry testing and improving the safety, style and convenience of their conversions. While you cannot go wrong with either one, there are some differences between the two. BraunAbility is known for exceptional safety standards, putting its vehicles through extensive testing, covering both U.S. and Canadian Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. In addition, BraunAbility has established itself as a world leader in the industry with a vast selection of wheelchair vehicles, suited for any and every wheelchair user.  On the other hand, VMI excels with their in-floor ramp technology, offering an in-floor ramp system that allows for a clean and obstacle-free interior. VMI also sells more Toyota Sienna conversions than any of its competitors in the mobility industry.

That being said, both companies claim to have the best, most spacious new Chrysler Pacifica conversion on the market. To help guide you to find the right van conversion for your ability and needs, we’ve compared the two vans side by side in this article.

Looking at the specifications of both vehicles, it appears that the BraunAbility Pacifica has slightly more usable space than the VMI. The numbers don’t lie. If space is important to you, you may want to look into the BraunAbility Pacifica. However, there is more to consider in a van conversion than just space. For example, appearance, ramp system  and interchangeable front seat capabilities are important factors, to name a few. VMI has the only Chrysler Pacifica with interchangeable front seats, allowing for driving flexibility when on the go. Dive in and get a full comparison of the BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica vs. VMI Chrysler Pacifica on our website or consult a Mobility Consultant today.

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