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Ms. Wheelchair USA: Celebrating Women With Disabilities

Ms. Wheelchair USA: Celebrating Women With Disabilities

M.C. Mobility Systems is a supporter of the 2017  National Ms. Wheelchair USA competition held here in Northeast Ohio July 24-30. The pageant will provide an opportunity for women with disabilities to  publicize their achievements, educate, and advocate for others, while supplying a platform for community service and public discussion.

Founded more than nineteen years ago as an Ohio only competition, Ms. Wheelchair USA expanded nationally in 2007 and keeps on growing! The mission of the organization is to promote glamour, self-confidence and community service…celebrating the achievements of women with disabilities. The event is not a beauty pageant, but is designed similarly with the glamour, phases of competition, professional production numbers, entertainment and public appearances all leading to the crowning of a winner on live TV.

2016’s Ms. Wheelchair USA is Sylvia Longmire. She was the first regional tie-holder, Latina woman and Airforce Veteran to win the competition! She is from Florida and uses the platform to support children with parents who have disabilities.

Most of the state and regional participants are selected through a judged application process and the entry fee for a state competition is $300. Ohio Pageant contestants must be female residents of Ohio, ages 18 and older whom utilize a wheelchair or other mobility device as their main source of mobility. However, the program DOES NOT exclude women who may be able to utilize their legs. The deadline to apply is June 1, 2017. The program strongly focuses on women’s abilities, not their disabilities. Ms. Wheelchair USA encourages professional advancement and requires a commitment to public service.

To learn more about the event or apply to participate, view the links below.

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