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5 Reasons You Should Be Servicing Your Wheelchair Van

5 Reasons You Should Be Servicing Your Wheelchair Van

Entering and exiting your van during winter months exposes your adaptable equipment to snow, ice and water, elements that can cause severe damage to the equipment’s architecture and functionality. Therefore, now that winter is winding down, it is important to get it in for service to make sure everything is functioning correctly and to repair any damage that may have been caused. Here are 5 reasons you should be bringing in your wheelchair accessible van for service:

1. Safety First
Every six months or so, it is important to make sure you have your tie-downs and seat belts inspected. Our expert service team can check for any straps that are showing signs of wear and tear. These straps are important for your safety and they should always be on your list for maintenance. Though bringing the vehicle to one of our four Ohio locations for routine maintenance and inspection is the best option, if you are unable to, you can do a quick check at home by tugging on all the belts to make sure they are still securely fastened and if you notice a belt or strap that is beginning to tear, get it serviced immediately.

2. Keep Your Ramp Functioning
A wheelchair van is a great tool for mobility. However, if the ramp or lift on your wheelchair van breaks or fails, it can be very difficult for a wheelchair user to find another mode of transportation. When you bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance, our service technicians will lubricate the hinges of your adaptive equipment to ensure quick and smooth operation. This also prevents malfunction.

3. Test Your Accessible Van’s Battery
Your mobility van’s battery uses more energy than a non-converted vehicle because it powers the ramp, lift and automated doors. The technicians at M.C. Mobility will make sure your battery is clean and functioning properly so that your vehicle and all of your adapted equipment continues to operate at optimal performance.

4. Check Your Accessible Van’s Tire Pressure
Cold air causes tire deflation. Coming off of winter, there is a good chance that your tires may need to be inflated. The M.C. Mobility service techs will make sure your tires are properly inflated and check the tread. If any part of a tire is balding or wearing, it’s time for a replacement.

5. Just like any other vehicle, your van needs regular maintenance.
Just like with any vehicle, you need to keep up with standard maintenance for your mobility van. Some items that should be addressed frequently include Oil Changes, Tune-Ups, Tire Rotation, Fluid Checks, Transmission Flush, Air Cabin Filter Replacement, and Windshield Wiper Replacement. M.C. Mobility’s service team can perform all of this maintenance to your vehicle to keep you safely on the road.

All M.C. Mobility locations offer service for your wheelchair van’s adaptive equipment. We can take care of mobility-related installations, adaptive equipment repair or maintenance and vehicle maintenance. Our expert service technicians are fully-trained and qualified to perform service on any current or past model of BraunAbility or VMI handicap van.

To protect against normal wear and tear, we recommend making an appointment with our Service Center as follows:
• Every 3,000 miles for an oil change. Newer models can be every 5,000 miles.
• Every 6 months for an Inspection of wheelchair van, ramps or lifts, wheelchair tie-down bases and all other mobility equipment.
• Every year for inspection of hand and foot controls to provide peace of mind and ensure your safety.

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