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Turn Your Wheelchair Into a Fashion Statement

Izzy Wheels: Turn Your Wheelchair Into a Fashion Statement

With a slogan of “If you can’t stand up, stand out,” Izzy Wheels collaborates with the world’s most influential and exciting artists to create unique wheelchair spoke guards that make a fashion statement. The Izzy Wheels collection is comprised of over 20 spoke guard designs that can be purchased and shipped nationwide.

The company was created by two sisters in Ireland, Izzy and Ailbhe. Izzy is paralyzed from her waist down after being born with a spinal condition called Spina Bifida. As a wheelchair user, she grew frustrated with the lack of options available to personalize her wheelchair so Izzy and combined her need with Ailbhe’s passion for art to create a business offering a range of stylish spoke guards.

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While a number of companies already sell colorful wheelchair spoke guards, they tend to be targeted at small children, expensive and are not designed to be interchangeable. Izzy Wheels, on the other hand, offers spoke guards that start from $111.43 (€99) and are attached by velcro straps so that they can be swapped out to match your outfit. Instead of a wheelchair being an obstacle to your outfit, Izzy Wheels’ stylish spoke guards allow you to match your wheels to whatever you’re wearing.

The sisters continue their mission to empower people with living with a long term health condition through their business and it’s not going without notice. Izzy Wheels has won 4 prestigious awards including first place in the Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow 2017. Join the movement, you too can make a fashion statement with your wheels!

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