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Prepare Your Wheelchair Van For Winter

Prepare Your Wheelchair Van For Winter

As the colder weather begins, we are reminded here in Ohio that winter is coming. And while that brings the excitement of the Holidays and the beauty of just fallen snow, it also means you need to prepare your vehicle for the winter conditions. And no, it’s not too early!

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Wheelchair accessible vans are just like any other vehicle and they need to be serviced before the cold season to make sure they are ready to make it through the most treacherous driving season. We suggest that you take several steps to do so:

Check Your Battery

Accessible Vans rely on their battery for much more than the average vehicle. They provide additional power to electric power lifts, ramps, doors and kneel. And because cold weather is hard on car batteries, that makes it even more important for you to get your battery checked before winter.

Also, during any season, be sure to drive your wheelchair accessible van at a minimum three hours a week to make sure that your battery remains charged and ready to get you where you are going.

Prepare a Winter Emergency Kit

It is smart to create a winter emergency kit to be kept in your accessible van at all times during the colder months. This is important in the unfortunate event that you get stranded. Include hand warmers, gloves, hats, blankets, a phone charger, water and a flashlight.

Get a Winter Check Up For Your Accessible Van

We recommend that you get a full winter checkup for your handicap van in the months leading up to winter. Some things to look at are your wiper blades, brake, transmission, steering and washer fluids. Make sure they are all in good condition and if fluids need to be filled or changed, schedule service. Another great precautionary measure to take is to check your tires for bald spots, as you will need as much traction as possible to keep control on our snowy Ohio roads.

Schedule Service

At M.C. Mobility Systems, you can schedule a service appointment on or website or call 800-503-0052. Our expert technicians are trained to perform service on current and past models of wheelchair accessible vans, trucks and SUVs. When you schedule your wheelchair van for winter maintenance, we will not only perform the standard winter checks and maintenance but also the accessible van specific checks such as making sure your ramp is in good working condition, checking the stability of your tie downs and more. Leave it to the experts to help keep you on the road this winter.

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