Hand Control Frequently Asked Questions | M.C. Mobility Systems is now MobilityWorks


Have a question about hand controls, foot controls or driving aids? We can help. Serving Ohio for over 30 years, we’ve compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below, contact one of our four Ohio locations in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati or Dayton and one of our Mobility Consultants will be happy to assist.


What are hand controls and other mobility driving aids?

Hand controls, foot controls and driving aids are devices that are installed into your vehicle to allow disabled persons to regain their independence and drive safely. Driving controls aid with both primary and secondary functions and include pedal extensions, spinner knobs, steering aids, turn signal crossovers, gear extensions pedal guards and more. Driving aids are designed to help drivers with a variety of mobility challenges. Contact your local Mobility Center to learn more about the different types of controls and how you can get one installed in your vehicle.

Do I need a prescription for hand controls?

By Ohio law, we would need to have a prescription from a driver rehabilitation specialist, also known as a driver evaluator, that lists the equipment that you need or an endorsement on your driver’s license to install hand controls, driving aids or foot controls into your vehicle. These guidelines are in place to protect the driver and others on the road from driving before they have been properly evaluated, trained and tested to operate a vehicle using this specialized adaptive equipment.

What is a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist and where do I find one?

Driver rehabilitation specialists work with people of all ages and abilities to evaluate, train and explore alternative transportation solutions for drivers with special needs. When meeting with your driver evaluator, the process generally includes tests of physical function, vision, perception, attention, motor function, and reaction time, as well as actual driving performance tests. Based on the results, the driver rehabilitation specialist will determine if any foot controls, hand controls or driving aids are needed, whether the individual has the ability to drive independently or at all, and if they require more training. View our list of Ohio driver rehabilitation specialists to find one near you.

Can I order a set of hand controls and install them myself?

For your safety and protection, we require all mobility driving equipment to be installed by our trained staff to ensure that it’s done properly. M.C. Mobility’s staff has the expertise to install many driving aid brands and styles into most vehicles. Some applications require specific bracketing and the experts at M.C. Mobility have that all figured out. Contact your nearest Mobility Center in Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton or Cincinnati to get more information.

Why should I buy my hand controls from M.C. Mobility Systems?

Serving Ohio for over 30 years, M.C. Mobility has the experience and expertise to find the mobility driving aid solution that fits your lifestyle and abilities. We truly care about our customers and work to provide the best solution to regain mobility. Known for our exceptional service, attention to detail and community involvement, M.C. Mobility goes beyond wheelchair accessible vehicles and provides products and services that allow our customers maximum mobility while on the go and at home. Read our reviews to see our service first hand.

Can my private insurance cover the cost of hand controls and other mobility driving aids?

Typically private insurance and Medicare do not cover the cost of vehicle equipment. However, there are funding sources available such as the VA for veterans, Medicaid’s waiver program and Worker’s Compensation. Speak with a mobility consultant or view our financing page for more information.

Can someone else drive my vehicle if hand controls are installed?

Yes. Typically the hand controls and driving aids are placed where they do not interfere with a standard driver operating the vehicle. Our knowledgeable Mobility Consultants will work with you to find the solution that fits your needs. Speak with one of our Mobility Consultants for more information.

Is my vehicle compatible for installing hand controls?

Hand controls can be installed on most new and used converted vehicles as long as there’s enough room under the steering wheel. Many standard vehicles are compatible as well but vary by make, model and year. Speak with a Mobility Consultant to find out if you can install driving controls in your vehicle.

How long will installation take?

Installation time of specialized adaptive equipment varies depending on what and where your equipment is being installed. While subject to change, hand control, foot control and driving aid equipment installation can take anywhere from one to six hours.