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Driving Aids

Let us help you regain the freedom of mobility. Built for the independent driver, these handicap driving aids will work for each individual’s needs, making driving safe for all drivers. We are here to get you on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Contact your local M.C. Mobility Center today to get started.

Versions of Driving Aids

Handicap driving aids can be any number of devices that are designed to get you behind the wheel with full functionality. Customized to your needs - we sell, install and service a variety of driving aids for your mobility.

Want more information? View our driving aids asked questions or complete the form below, and a Mobility Consultant will reach out to you shortly.

  • spinner knob

    Steering Wheel Spinner Knobs and Controls

    For those who can only use one hand, remain in contact with the steering wheel at all times.

  • hand controls for mobility driving

    Hand Control Multi-Function Buttons

    Using only one hand, operate the gas, brake, turn signals, wipers, windows and more.

  • 4 way switches

    4 Way Switches

    Add up to 4 functions to your hand control - commonly added are right/left turn signals, horn and dimmer.

  • multi function spinner knobs

    Multi-Function Spinner Knobs

    Includes up to 6 vehicle accessory controls in only one mode of operation.

  • gear shift extension

    Gear Extension

    Adapted to your needs, make it easier for you to shift from gear to gear.

  • right turn lever

    Turn Signal Cross Over

    Allows you to operate the turn signal with your left hand.

  • parking brake hand lever

    Parking Break Extension

    Allows you to operate the foot parking/emergency brake by hand.



Interested in installing driving aids in your vehicle? Just fill out this form with details on what you are seeking and how a Mobility Consultant can reach you, and we’ll get back to you shortly.  Or, if you would like to speak with a Mobility Consultant today, locate a Mobility Center near you and give us a call.  We’re here to get you there.



M.C. Mobility’s trained staff has the expertise to install many driving aid brands and styles into most vehicles. Some applications require specific bracketing and the experts at M.C. Mobility have that all figured out.

Brands We Carry

We carry top driving aid brands including Sure-Grip, Mobility Products & Design, MPS and Veigel Automotive.

  • sure grip vehicle hand controls


  • mobility products hand control


  • mps hand control for car


  • Veigel hand controls for cars


Ohio Driver Rahabilitation Specialist

In order to protect the driver and others on the road, an evaluation from a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist, or Driver Evaluator, is required to get hand controls installed in your vehicle. We know you are eager to get behind the wheel and on the road so let us help you find a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist near you.

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