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Hand Controls

Hand Controls for cars are easy to learn and operate, dependable, easy to install, versatile, and used world-wide. Their comfortable, ergonomic design provides maximum grip for minimal effort, which reduces muscle fatigue. Contact us today to help get you on the road.

Hand Controls

There are many different types of hand controls available. With methods such as push-pull, push-rock plus your traditional action hand control, we sell, install and service almost all brands of hand controls on the market today including: MPD, Veigel, MPS and Sure-Grip hand controls.

  • Starting at $1,650*
  • 4-6 hour installation time
  • Requires prescription from Driver Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Two operation methods available: right and left hand
  • * Includes equipment & installation.

Want more information? View our hand control frequently asked questions or complete the form below, and a Mobility Consultant will reach out to you shortly.

  • necker knob

    Push Rock

    The push/rock system puts the operating handle in a vertical position; the driver eases the handle back to accelerate and pushes forward to brake.

  • hand controls

    Right Angle

    The right angle system is the least fatiguing; the driver pushes forward to brake and downward toward lap at a right angle to accelerate.

  • spinner knob

    Push Pull

    The push pull system is less straining for the fingers and thumb; the driver pushes down toward the floor to brake and pulls back up to accelerate.

  • hand controls

    Right Hand

    The right hand system is a universal floor mounted control operated with your right hand; the driver pushes to brake and pulls to accelerate.



Interested in getting hand controls installed in your vehicle? Just fill out this form with details on what you are seeking and how a Mobility Consultant can reach you, and we’ll get get back to you shortly.  Or, if you would like to speak with a Mobility Consultant today, locate a Mobility Center near you and give us a call.  We’re here to get you there.

Quality Products

Certified Installation

M.C. Mobility’s trained staff has the expertise to install many steering, extension, foot & hand control brands and styles into most vehicles. Some applications require specific bracketing and the experts at M.C. Mobility have that all figured out.

Brands We Carry

We carry top hand control brands including Sure-Grip, Mobility Products & Design, MPS and Veigel Automotive.

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  • Veigel hand controls for cars


Ohio Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

In order to protect the driver and others on the road, an evaluation from a  Driver Rehabilitation Specialist, or Driver Evaluator, is required to get hand controls installed in your vehicle. We know you are eager to get behind the wheel and on the road so let us help you find a Driver Evaluation Specialist near you.

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