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Wheelchair Docking Systems

For those who rely on their wheelchair or powerchair as seating in their vehicle; wheelchair docking systems are a great solution for travel safety and security.

Independent wheelchair docking has never been easier. No more struggling to cinch the straps down; no more hassle. Wheelchair docking systems (also known as powered lockdowns or tie-downs) are perfect for those that would like to drive their own vehicle or want to quickly secure their wheelchair using a single point system.

How it Works:

  • The pin is guided into the “V” shaped structure at the opening of the docking base.
  • Once in position, just pull forward a few inches and the wheelchair engages the docking system.
  • The pin attached to the interface bracket is captured by a pair of steel 1/4″ locking levers and is securely held in place by the docking base.
  • Once the wheelchair is securely locked into the docking base, electronics monitor your docking status the duration of your trip.

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EZ Lock

EZ LOCK has been hailed as the “gold standard” of wheelchair docking systems. Exceptional focus on quality materials and attention to detail go into every unit. With more than two decades of proven performance, you can have confidence that the EZ Lock is a tried and true system.

QLK 150

When it comes to a securement docking system, wheelchair clearance sometimes becomes an issue, but the QLK-150 has the solution. With optional base mounts, it can be custom mounted to sit from 1.5″ (38mm) to 4″ (100mm) in height. This allows unparalleled compatibility in working with most makes and models of wheelchairs.



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Safety Tested

Wheelchair Docking Systems are tested in accordance with standards recommended in SAE J2249/ISO 10542. These standards require that the wheelchair remains structurally intact, and that the forward excursion of the occupant remains within acceptable limits when subjected to a 30 mph/20 g impact test. After the impact test the wheelchair must be able to disengage from the docking base.