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Wheelchair Lift for Van

If you’re looking for a wheelchair lift that does it all, you’ve come to the right place. Not only does the VMI Slide Away leave your view and pathway clear, but it also is the only VMI wheelchair lift that leaves the passenger seat unobstructed as well. The fully automatic platform conveniently slides to allow full motion of the front passenger seat.


This wheelchair lift offers the strength of a dual-post hydraulic lift with the flexibility of a single-post lift. Its sliding second tower travels forward to create a greater reclining angle for the front passenger seat and then stows toward the rear of the vehicle for greater rigidity.

  • wheelchair lift

    Fold and Slide Design Allows Full motion of Passenger Seat

  • ricon remote for wheelchair lifts for vans

    Easy Operation

  • wheelchair lift

    Unobstructed Pathway

The VMI Slide Away lift uses innovative technology to deliver quiet, secure and smooth operation on a non-skid safe platform. The welded all-steel frame comes in multiple dimension options to provide versatility for individual consumers and a manual backup system in case of no power. You cannot go wrong with this popular wheelchair lift.

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Ricon and Vantage Mobility International (VMI) have teamed up to deliver innovative, reliable and easy to use wheelchair lifts for mobility vans. Ricon personal mobility products set the industry standard for innovation and have a best-in class manufacturing facility. By utilizing Ricon’s strengths, VMI delivers high-quality platform wheelchair lifts for vehicles. Designed to meet a variety of needs and budgets, VMI mobility lifts for vans have been developed for optimum strength and convenience, using the most current technology available.

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