Wheelchair Van Floor Anchors | M.C. Mobility Systems is now MobilityWorks

Floor Anchors

Secure and durable floor anchors attach wheelchair tiedown systems to the vehicle’s floor for a safe ride. Backed by a one year warranty, floor anchors can be installed in both commercial and personal vehicles.

Floor Anchor Options

Designed to work with Q'Straint's 4 point system, OMNI floor anchor systems feature stainless steel or aluminum materials designed for demanding transportation environments.

  • floor anchors

    Oval L-Pocket Vehicle Floor Anchor

    • Fixed position
    • Easy single bolt installation
    • Smaller and lighter at 11 oz.
    • Compatible with all L-track fittings

  • slidenclick

    Slide N' Click Vehicle Floor Anchor

    • Fixed position
    • Easy single bolt installation
    • 360 degree rotation eliminates any need for alignment
    • One handed operation
    • Compatible with QRT Retractor Systems, Sure-Lok Titan Series, and OMNI approved products

  • flush mount l pocket

    Flush Mount L-Pocket Vehicle Anchor

    • Fixed, flush position
    • Easy single bolt installation
    • Designed to recess only 3/8"
    • Compatible with OMNI Approved L-Tracks

  • l track

    L Track Vehicle Floor Anchor Strips

    • Flexible position
    • Superior strength and corrosion resistance
    • Custom length tracks
    • Multiple profiles available to suit specific application
    • Compatible with L-track fitting for QRT and M-Series systems and all OMNI approved products