Frequently Asked Moblity Questions | M.C. Mobility Systems


Have a question? We can help. Serving Ohio for over 30 years, we’ve compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions about new and used wheelchair vans and other mobility products. If your question is not answered below, contact one of our four Ohio locations in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati or Dayton and one of our Mobility Consultants will be happy to assist.


What Is A Wheelchair Van?

Wheelchair vans come in either full-size or minivan conversions. A wheelchair minivan has had the floor substantially lowered and has been equipped with a lightweight ramp for easy entry and exit. A kneeling system lowers the rear suspension, decreasing the slope of the ramp even further when deployed. Seats are also removable, enabling wheelchair users to drive or ride in the passenger position or sit in the back in a variety of configurations.

Full-sized wheelchair vans offer the same ease and comfort of use, but have a mid-ship or full dropped floor and either raised roof or raised door, to offer the capacity and space that many customers want or require.

Should I Buy A Full-Size Wheelchair Van Or A Wheelchair Minivan?

Both vehicles offer plenty of headroom and interior space. M.C. Mobility Systems offers a complete in-house demonstration of both full-size wheelchair vans or wheelchair minivans to best determine your needs. Your overall height may be the determining factor.

How Much Does A Wheelchair Van Cost?

Wheelchair van prices are entirely dependent on the customer’s individual needs and specifications. Check out our wheelchair van inventory for some of our van pricing. For more specific pricing information, call us at 1-800-503-0052.

I Can’t Afford Wheelchair Accessible Transportation. Can M.C. Mobility Systems Help Me Find Funding?

At M.C. Mobility Systems, we pride ourselves on being able to work within a variety of budgets. We do realize, however, that some of our customers simply cannot afford wheelchair accessible transportation on their own. Our store managers are very active in the disabled communities that they serve and are happy to get you connected with non-profits, government organizations, and support groups that may be able to help offset some of your costs.

What Kind Of  Mobility Products Am I Going To Need To Drive (Hand Controls, Transfer Seats, Etc.)?

M.C. Mobility Systems recommends that you see a certified driver rehabilitation specialist to determine your special circumstances. We will then work with the evaluation to provide you with a proper set of controls and accessories.

What If I Already Have A Minivan? Can M.C. Mobility Systems Convert My Existing Van?

Possibly, but certain conditions must be met. Only certain makes and models can be converted. Additionally, the vehicle must have less than 30,000 miles, and is subject to inspection before the conversion process can begin. Give us a call today and we will be happy to get the process started for you.

Can I Just Add A Ramp To My Existing Van?

There are portable ramps available, which you can view in our product catalog. However, we strongly encourage you to contact us before purchasing a portable ramp, to ensure that it will meet your accessibility needs. A portable ramp on a minivan is NOT the same as a lowered floor conversion minivan.

What If I Just Want A Wheelchair Lift Added To My Vehicle, Instead Of A Full Conversion?

If a wheelchair lift will meet your accessibility needs, M.C. Mobility Systems provides a wide range of wheelchair and scooter lift options. Again, you should contact us before considering a purchase, as not all makes and models of vehicles can have a wheelchair lift installed.

What Kind Of Warranty Can I Get On The Equipment I Buy From M.C. Mobility Systems?

Warranties are available for many of our products, but the terms and length of those warranties depend on the manufacturer of the product. Call us for questions on specific product warranties: 1-800-503-0052.

Where Do I Take My Mobility Equipment To Get It Serviced?

In addition to sales and rentals, M.C. Mobility Systems is a full service facility for mobility vans and products. Even if you did not purchase your mobility equipment from us, we will be happy to service it.

How Long Do Repairs Take At M.C. Mobility Systems?

Most repairs have a quick turn around, but should your equipment need repairs that will take longer than expected, M.C. Mobility Systems offers wheelchair van rentals through Ability Van Rentals. This will ensure that you are never without wheelchair accessible transportation, while your vehicle is being repaired.

Is Financing Available For Mobility Equipment And New Or Used Wheelchair Vans?

Financing is available for wheelchair vans purchased from M.C. Mobility Systems. Contact us at 1-800-503-0052 to see if you qualify.

What If I Only Need Wheelchair/Handicapped Accessible Transportation Temporarily?

If you only have temporary need for wheelchair accessible transportation, you can avoid a costly van purchase simply by renting a wheelchair van long-term from Ability Van Rentals.

Does M.C. Mobility Systems Take Trade-Ins?

Yes. M.C. Mobility Systems accepts trade-ins on all wheelchair van sales. View our trade-in page for more information.